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This website is exclusively destined for private purposes. It does not inotend commercial or legal communication of any kind. On this website I present some informations that could interest the participants in my lectures.


These are at first (in German language only)

Dates and papers of my lectures at the Humboldt University of Berlin.


These are further (in German language only) 

decisions of the German Federal Court of Justice and

Selected Documents of the German and European legislation procedure.


Besides that I am dealing with the law on the legal status of German judges. Some useful information on this subject, you will find here.


The decisions and documents of the legislation procedure are presented also on the official websites of the German Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice – German Supreme Court in civil and penal cases) – www.bundesgerichtshof.de – the Bundestag (German Federal Parliament) – www.bundestag.de – and the European Communities – www.europa.eu.int – where a free download is also offered. Every visitor is him- or herself responsible for the legal use of the data. The documentation and the papers for the lectures at the Humboldt University a Berlin are for private use only.


I Thank You in advance for any proposal to ameliorate or accomplish this site. In case You have a proposal please write an email to Juergen@Schmidt-Raentsch.eu.


Thank You very much.


Johanna Schmidt-Räntsch


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